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The question was: If you could have any mutant power, what would it be?


She found the coin, that Charlie played with. Poor Auggie, why does he have to lose everyone?





headcanon that Pietro legitimately isn’t sure when he’s talking too fast or normal speed so if someone says “what?” he just assumes that he was talking too fast and forces himself to slow the hell down and he’s not being condescending or sarcastic he just legitimately isn’t sure.

This is totally 100% likely, because look:


So that is definitely something that happens. Weeeeeeeeeeee!

I see your panel and one up it with:

Tasting a little of your own poison, awn, Anderson? 

It’s not so good when your are the one uncertain because of the spy secret talk hm?

Fuck this PC screen! I’ve never used it anyway!
Auggie toughts, just now

If only a Walkerson reunion would be that simple


Piper & Chris have a real complicity

why these too look so PERFECT together T^T