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I’ve stopped buying apples since people in my family could eat them all the time. I want to keep up my chances to be a doctor companion.


Wonderwall: anything that makes you happy or brightens your day. From the smallest thing to someone who means a lot to you.

This is a beautiful thing. 

Am I the only one who wants to pretend that this was the last glee episode and will avoid watching the other ones because the production will ruin this perfect ending?

hopes/wants for next season of covert affairs


  • more auggie and joan scenes (they’re my two faves okay)
  • auggie and annie interaction (preferably not fighting tension idc if they’re in a relationship or not just no entire season of i missed you oh i missed you again pls)
  • eyal
  • barber
  • better driving in car graphics
  • not passing off beautiful…

Agree 100%








This made me giggle like a loser.

boss is going by

quick wave at the boss

Darth Vader is probably squealing inside, but he has to keep his tough exterior.

i have been laughing for the past twenty minutes omg

welcome to Tumblr

If I don’t see this when I go to Disneyland next month Imma be so pissed!